Here at Pedal Dancer Photography, I happily share the photographs I have taken during my cycling and travel adventures. Many of these photos have been used for my website, but many more are simply photos I have taken to remember a moment, to be creative, to capture the joy of being a tourist, to hold in time the view from a bike saddle, or record the excitement of a bike race.

“Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.” — Peter Hoeg

Pedal Dancer® is a website where I create stories, news, information, photos and maps. Pedal Dancer® is a bike travel blog for travelers, cyclists and cycling fans. A resource for cyclists and cycling fans who ride or attend bike races and events in the USA and Europe while enjoying travel, tourism, maps, food, drink and fun. Light on opinion and heavy on information and joy of the sport, topics include: race and event calendars, spectator guides, bike routes and cycling climb descriptions, cycling lifestyle and educational topics, news about pro racing teams, riders and the bikes and equipment used in the sport of cycling.

I specialize in Colorado, California, France, the One-Day Classics, and the Grand Tours. For much more information, please visit a semi-long About Me Page.

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* NEW! September 2014 - I am currently building the galleries in this photography site, please check back as more photos are added. Thank you.