Showcase CX Album 2014Turkey Cross 11.29.14Cyclo-X - Louisville Rec 11.22.14Urban Cyclocross Chaos 11.16.14Feedback Cup 11.02.14Cowboy Cross 10.10.14Cross of the North 10.11.14Amy D. Breaking Barriers 10.04.14Cyclo-X - Flatirons, 09.28.14Boulder Cup 2014US Open Cyclocross 2014, 09.13.14Kick it Cross, 09.07.14Cyclocross National Championships Boulder Jan 20142013 Colorado Cyclocross State Championships Dec 2013Urban CX 11.17.13Boulder Cup 10.13.13Frisco Cross 10.05.132012 Colorado Cyclocross State Championships 12.15.12Green Mountain Sports CX 12.09.12Castle Cross 12.02.12Big Ring Cyclocross 11.24.12Alpha Cross 11.18.12Boulder CX Series #4 11.17.12Adrenaline Cross 09.30.122011 Colorado State Championships Alpha Cross 12.18.11USGP CX 10.08.11Katie Compton and Jeremy Powers 2014